Ferrara Fiorenza P.C.

Managing in the Unionized Environment

This workshop is designed to assist frontline managers in their day-to-day supervision of bargaining unit personnel. Effective frontline supervision is the key to effective human resource management. Participants will receive a guidebook entitled, "A Supervisor's Guide to Managing in the Unionized Environment" which helps to simplify the finer points of supervision in the unionized environment. It presents the basics of understanding the legal significance of the concept of "supervision" under the National Labor Relations Act and works through a practical guide to understanding how the concept is applied in the workplace. Working from the employer's labor agreement provisions as a guide, the workshop will outline the boundaries of how far supervision may go in resolving daily workplace issues without overreaching, or running afoul of the "direct dealing" provisions of the Labor Act. It also reviews the important keys to administering workplace discipline fairly, objectively, consistently, and in accordance with the just cause provisions of the employer's labor agreement.