Ferrara Fiorenza P.C.

No Child Left Behind Act: Personnel and Labor Relations Issues

As if budget shortfalls, difficult economic times and teacher shortages weren’t enough, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) has added more burdens to a school district’s hiring and retention process. This program focuses on the new hiring and qualifications demands the NCLBA places on schools with respect to teachers and paraprofessionals, focusing on:

• Determining Qualifications for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
• Measurable Objectives
• Use of Federal Funds

In addition to wages, fringe benefits and basic working conditions, unions will be raising significant issues at the bargaining table as a result of the NCLBA. We will explore the implications for schools, teachers, and the community at large, focusing on:

• School Choice
• Teacher/Paraprofessional Qualifications
• Parents’ Right-to-Know
• Grant Programs and Professional Development