Ferrara Fiorenza P.C.

Board of Education Issues

Our attorneys have the experience to provide not only legal advice consistent with a statute or a court opinion, but to offer practical “real world” advice on the issues that school board members face daily -- or even once in a career. We view our role as providing comprehensive legal services, so school boards can focus on educating our children. For example, we provide:

• Advice and consultation with Boards of Education in connection with their general and specific powers and duties under the Education Law.

• Advice, consultation and opinions with respect to issues relating to the Open Meetings Law and Freedom of Information Law.

• Counsel and representation relative to school district finances, including budgets, reserve funds, indebtedness, school taxes and related Federal and State aid.

• Counsel and advice relative to crisis management, including the preparation of effective strategies and media relations.

• Representation in post-judgment proceedings, including the enforcement of creditor's rights.

• Counsel and representation in matters involving insurance, including general liability and property and errors and omissions insurance.

• Counsel and representation relative to negligence and other tort litigation.